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How to Protect Your Yahoo Mail Account with Two Step Authentication?

Use Two Step Verification Process for Yahoo Mail Security

Protecting one’s email account has become very important as these days, threats and virus is up to attacking your personal data as well as professional one. As in our email accounts are becoming the favorite hunting place of these hackers, the users are just too much tired to face these consequences again and again. There might be certain moments when users look towards securing their account on their own, but they fail to do so, hence here lies a tech support duty.

We at this arcade have built up a strong connection with our team in helping users come out of the problem, no matter what. Besides, requiring a protective coverage and a shield is a way too necessary for users. One must protect their yahoo mail account and for that they can use two step authentication services.

There is a need of taking certain important steps for protecting your yahoo mail account through Two – Step Authentication procedure!

  • Go to the yahoo mail navigation bar and click the area where you see your name
  • Now go to the accounts section
  • Enter the password
  • And sign in into the account
  • After all this, you will have to set another sign in link
  • Now click on the phone number verification for two step authentication
  • Enter your phone number under second sign in verification
  • Now click on add mobile service
  • After that go to receive messages options
  • And give the verification code which you have just received
  • On your mobile device a verification code will appear
  • Use that number
  • And your account will be protected

These steps you can take to protect your account from any of the web threat and issues, your account will be safe from hackers and even if anyone tries to enter your account, you will get a message on your mobile devices.

It’s the most helpful way to save your email account and have an easiest access. There are many problems other than these and this authentication steps help one in many different ways.

Here at email support number. Co.UK, we are bringing ultimate resources for the better experience, so that one can use yahoo mail account without any kind of threats. Apart from this, those who are not that tech savvy can consult us. As on behalf of you, we will follow these steps to provide you authentication solution.

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